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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Some stripper beauty stuff

Strippers look far prettier inside work then out, many times. Now before people slam me, it's not because they are ugly, it's all the work that we do.
Wait. Not prettier, maybe, but different. I have actually had people come in who know me well that don't recognize me. I think it is the clothes, and the 10 lbs of makeup completely covering my face.
So, how do I transform myself from Halima to Super stripper? The 1st time in a night, it takes about 30 minutes. As the night goes on, I add to the makeup/ do touch ups, ect.
So, any interest in my thrilling beauty process? See, I promise this blog will always be thrilling!
The first place to start is with a clean face. I use Proactiv- that stuff that you see in the goofy infomercials. I know, I know. Another dancer at my first club used it, and I love it.
After my face is clean, I moisturize, big time. I'm cheap with this- I use Olay.
When it comes to make up, I don't use foundation. This is abnormal for a dancer, but easier because of my heritage. My skin tone is dark natural. By that same token, I never go tanning and actually religiously wear sun screen. I don't need the light to darken me, and I don't want pre mature wrinkles.
I wear clear mascara, mine is a cheap brand called Jane. I get away with this because I wear fake lashes. I don't care what mascara girls claim to use, you don't get thick black lashes without wearing fake lashes. I just don't believe it when girls claim it's a new, super good mascara. There is a trick to wearing false lashes that some girls don't seem to get, though. First, curl your lashes like you normally would. Apply mascara, lightly. Then, once the falsies are on, curl the bottom part, with your eye lashes. It helps make it look less fake.
And please, don't wear them socially.
I use MAC lipliners and lip sticks. Match the colors, ladies. It isn't cool to have lots of contrast.
Brow liner is something I skip, but I do use brow mascara, just clear, to keep everything together.
Strippers also shave far more then most girls. Not only the armpits, legs, and bush, but any random body hair. How many girls outside adult realize that their butt crack is kinda furry? I don't know if this goes with what makes strippers attractive, or what, but you don't usually see furry strippers. Managment complains. A lot. Trust me.
Personally, I work 3-4 days in a row, then the rest of the week off. I don't shave much, I Nair all but my pinkest bits every night before work. Then, I don't dehair at all until I work again. I try to wax it all at least every month, just to keep it real clean.

Away from the makeup, the best hot girl trick for me before work is sex. Good sex. I have found that after a good lay I feel hot, and the confidance is super sexy. Men can tell when you feel good about your self.
If the prework sex isn't an option, do something that makes you feel hot. Or masturbate. I do that too. After work, though, I am never interested in sex.
Sorry, guys, pretending to be thrilled by you all night doesn't usually turn me on. The exceptions being some of my regulars, but that's a different story for a different time.
So, now you know why I'm so smokin' at work.
That's why I have men willing to pay me to wear little girl socks. Wait, didn't I tell that story yet? Next time, m'kay?


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