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Monday, June 13, 2005

Is there a reason behind the blog titles?

Patchouli and diapers
Really, what does patchouli have to do with diapers? For that matter, do either of these things really have anything to do with me?
It may not appear so, but both of these items are significant to me. Patchouli? Am I a silly, 40 year too late hippy? Nah, I don't think so. I do care about health, both for myself and the world around me, but I am not a tree hugger. I like organic food, but I have never ever had a garden. I say that I am considering an intentional community, but really I don't know that I am the type. I think that a group of people living together with common goals- sort of I succeed, you succeed, sounds utopian. I am not that zen of a person, though.
Patchouli is more then a scent I love, though. Even if I am not ever going to run away to one of those 'New Age' communes, it reminds me of the idealistic young girl I once was.
You should never forget who you were, and why you have changed. Patchouli is for my past.
Diapers? This one is a little more obvious. I have a child. Since the internet is so public, and I am a neurotic paranoid person when it comes to my little, I don't know oh much detail about her that I'll give. Diapers were a huge part of my life for quite a while, although not a part I miss. Potty training was incredibly fufilling- for me at least. Now the only butt I wipe is my own. That being said, being a mother is a huge part of who I am. It is the one part that I never want to change- the part that I never regret.
I realize the title of this blog may be slightly off putting. I realize that it may make it difficult to know what this jumble is all about. But since this is all about me, I think that any name I wanted is gravy.
On to other matters...
I received my first comment! Very excited! It was more then a two word good job, as well. So big thanks to Jane, and welcome to the thrilling world of Halima. I'll be adding your blog to my list, and I love reading other's thoughts.
I could make this blog primarily about rants and stripper stuff, but honestly, how interesting are strippers, really?
Wait, you say that it is kinda interesting?
Hm... I thought so, too, at one point. It was kind of a rebellion in some ways, starting the industry. I knew (kind of) that I would be forever setting myself a little outside of 'normal' society. I was okay with that, still am.
I love going to work. Most of the time. More then that, I love getting ready for work. Somehow, I love shaving and waxing, picking out outfits, putting on fake lashes.
It really amuses me that I spend so much time not only in high heels, but 6 or 7 inch high heels. In high school, I always wore Chuck Taylors, Docs, or flip flops. I couldn't even walk in heels. I got hired by a club, bought my first pair of heels, took them home, and started laughing.
Learning to walk in them was time consuming, and not pretty to watch at first. I think the only money I made my first night (it was also a Monday.. gah!) was pity money, and mainly from the more experienced girls.
Here I am now, fully capable of running in shoes I once couldn't stand in.
I'm sure that there is a metaphor for life here, somewhere.


At 5:45 PM, Blogger Jane said...

Hi again.

I love your blog - it's so much fun learning about new people whose lives are so different from mine. As for patchouli and diapers, I got the daiper reference okay but I was fooled by the patchouli as I only know it in the form of little exotic sweets flavoured by the stuff. I SHOULD have spotted the scent reference but I didn't ! Duh!

Yes, we do come from different aspects of Dance, but it's all the same; we use our bodies and skills to entertain our audiences - okay, me on my points and you on your high heels but......... And maybe I was never as soon as you are at raising male blood pressure. Go Girl!

Hey it's really great to meet you and thanks for visiting me. I am half way through a blog but, as it's getting on for midnight round here, it won't get posted until tomorrow.
Take care and be happy,
Love Jane.

At 8:07 PM, Blogger Halima said...

Ballet is also definately harder to master then stripping...
I am so thrilled to have comments, now. Thank you, thank you!

At 12:37 AM, Blogger Mia said...

God I'm so intrigued by this blog. I currently have a "dual life" (model and "mom") and it's hard as hell. Thanks for showing me that I'm not the only one stuck in the middle. You got yourself another reader. =)

<3 mia

At 6:12 AM, Blogger Jane said...

Me again...........
I've just put up a new blog and, at the end of it, I have mentioned this site and your great blogs, and put in a link to here as well.

I hope that's okay

Love and hugs

PS. I don't know your name, even a fictional one. If you feel like emerging from behind that rock, like the toad that turned into a Prince (or more sexually correct) like a Mummy toad who turned into a beautiful Princess, why not e-mail me. I think there's a link on my site for e-mails. Hugs


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