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Friday, June 10, 2005

Contra what?

At times I notice that there are a few very different 'me's.
There is the mom me, who religiously reads food labels in search of no-no items. She is a pretty wholsome character, and I am occasionally squicked by her actions. Using spit to clean a toddler's face? Eww. I hated when my mom did that to me. She also is pretty strict about silly stuff like bedtimes.
Next, there is the me that I like to call Halima- the one with hobbies, interests, and a decidedly eclectic wardrobe. She is such a fan of the dresden dolls, knotty boy, and relationship attempts.
I'm not going to get super boring and list out all of my pseudo personalities, just one more. I'll call her Honey Girl. She is the sex kitten, glitter whore that goes to work, is capable of stomaching multiple jager bombs while wearing tall shoes, and shamelessly leads men (and the too rare woman) on. She loves nothing more then to flash a cloyingly sweet smile at some poor sap who only wants to see her rub that g-string right in his face. She is the inner partier, and has a real raunchy sense of humor that would probably be better suited to an overweight trucker.
Strangely enough, I don't have conflicts with the various parts of my life, nor do I feel the constant need to compartmentalze myself to death. I am what I am, and it's part of personal security loving all of myself. Which I frequently, enthusiastically, do.


At 1:38 AM, Blogger Jane said...


What TOTALLY amazing blogs ! I am completely fascinated by them and by your personalities and your life. I am just sorry no-one has picked up on you so far; they WILL, that I can guarantee as wonderful blogs like yours don't go unnoticed for long.

Not that I am an expert as I am new here too...... Two weeks in but I have met a lot of super people who I'm now in touch with on a more personal level.

Hey, I am a dancer too. Or would be if it hadn't been for a major car crash. I'm a bun head from way back and I am getting back to it very very slowly. I've never pole danced, except for my master, having spent too many years en pointe. I'm a natural sky kicker so maybe I'd do okay............. LOL

Keep up your wonderful blogs I'll add them to my Favorites List and mention them when I do a blog next (maybe later today). Hope that will help as you SHOULD be read by a big audience; you've got such a fascinating story to tell.

Take care and be happy,
Hugs, Jane.


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